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A person shopping after discovering crazy deals. Could be you.
Quick Insights Scoop
Get quick, personalized insights on savings and shopping.
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Shopping & Savings Connection
Connect and share with a supportive community passionate about shopping and savings.
Spending time on BoojaHub and earning rewards.
Be Rich, Be Booja (Coming Soon!)
Earn tangible rewards and boost your wealth by contributing insightful posts.
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Booja is the reward you earn on BoojaHub. It also means "a rich person" in the Korean language.

You can earn Booja by contributing insightful posts and comments to the community. It is currently in development.

Lemmy is the open-source software that powers BoojaHub. It is a federated alternative to Reddit, meaning that you can host your own Lemmy instance and connect with other Lemmy instances like BoojaHub.

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